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5 String Violin
Franke Violin Studios

5 String Violins

I am now offering  professional quality acoustic 5 string violins. My 5 string is modeled after a four string Stradivari model that I have been building that has had a very big G string. I have taken that model and deepened the ribs approx. 3mm and widened the neck slightly to accommodate the extra string. The result is a normal full size violin feel with a C string that is balanced with the other strings. My 5 string violins have a distinctive violin tone rather than viola tone.

I am  including "Perfection" pegs standard with this instrument. No more slipping or sticking pegs!! If you are a gigging musician you will truly appreciate these pegs.

Listen to samples of 5 strings!
5 string violin #84
Courtesy of Gilles Rullmann.

5 String violin #89
Courtesy of Chris Kokesh

Please contact me for availability
and photos of current instruments.
Starting at $8k.

5 String
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