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Come visit me at ....

April 30 and May 1
Handmade Musical Instrument Exhibit
Marylhurst University
Noon to 5pm.


Feb 27 - March 2    Wintergrass
Seattle WA.
I have a booth in the Builder's Room.

Stop by and see my latest instruments!


June 21, 22    Weiser National Oldtime Fiddlers Contest.

I will be sharing a booth with Givens Legacy Mandolins.

Stop by and say hi!

April 27, 28  Handmade Musical Instrument Exhibit
 Marylhurst University.
Noon to 5pm.

Sept. 28 - 29  Fall Festival weekend,
Corvallis, Oregon
I'll have a booth at 7th and Madison.
10am - 6pm Saturday
10am - 5pm Sunday


Jan. 14, 2012  Noon to 5pm
Portland Old Time Music Gathering
The Scottish Rite Center, 1512 SW Morrison, Portland
Entrance on Morrison, north side of building.

Sunday April 15th ~ Noon to 6pm
Violin Tasting
- Exhibit and Sale
Hilton Garden Inn

2500 SW Western Blvd, Corvallis

April 28, 29  Handmade Musical Instrument Exhibit
 Marylhurst University.
Noon to 5pm.

June 14 - 17   California Bluegrass Association Festival,
 Grass Valley, Ca

Franke Violin Studios

Video of my #100 violin
Click here!

Latest Video

Out of my studio in Monroe, Oregon, I am currently building several different models of violins, 5 string violins, violas, cellos, and bass.

Violin # 101 will be a lady's violin -
Body length 347 mm.
Contact me for more info.

The Channel Scraper Tool
(for violin makers)
Purchase here!

What players are saying .....

The violin is doing wonders, it's an immense
 joy to play and reveals new possibilities
 all the time. Superb.

I will have a wonderful summer in Oregon, playing my new magic fiddle!

That's the best 5 string I've ever played!

I got to play the instrument with the band
 I play with last night and it sounded amazing, now we're all in love!

~been recording over the holidays, and the
fiddle (5 string) sounds AMAZING!~

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